Nanna Debois Buhl
A Journey in Two Directions
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*A Journey in Two Directions* is an artist’s book by Nanna Debois Buhl presenting her recent body of works that examine traces of the Danish colonial past in the intersection of Afro-Caribbean, American, and Danish histories. The book includes contributions from Naja Marie Aidt, Johanna Burton, Edgar O. Lake, Thomas J. Lax, Tone Olaf Nielsen, and Louise Wolthers.

Possessing colonies in the West Indies from the 17th century, Denmark was both a major player in the Triangle slave trade and a minor nation of approximately one million inhabitants located on the periphery of Europe. Navigating with imperfect maps between unfamiliar terrain and familiar surroundings, Buhl’s journey takes her through archives and streetscapes, islands and museums, as she investigates the varied and variable signs of these overlapping histories.

Berlin 2010, Revolver Publishing, 158 pages, ill., 22 x 16,5 cm, Hardcover, English
ISBN 978-3-86895-066-3 {Lieferbar}